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Market Acumen, Inc. produces high-quality, beautiful web sites and business applications which: Why use Market Acumen web development?

Some examples of our work are:

Web Sites

Goliath Technologies, Inc. Learn more View site
Goliath Technologies Home Page Goliath Technologies hired us to manage and maintain their existing Wordpress site, and develop custom tracking technology to connect marketing efforts through to Salesforce. We have made numerous design changes, assisted in migration to WPEngine, and assisted in setting up internal processes for change control and backup procedures.

In house. Wordpress, MySQL, WPEngine.

CleanBrands, LLC Learn more View site
CleanBrands Home Page CleanBrands, LLC hired us to fix their existing site design to work better in responsive interfaces, as well as instrumentation of their site analytics using Google Analytics and ConversionRuler.

In house. Wordpress, MySQL, hosting.

Untours Foundation Learn more View site
Untours Foundation Home Page Untours Foundation is a no-frills Wordpress hosted site. We developed and created the design and content for the site.

In house. Wordpress, MySQL, hosting.

Preservation Products Learn more View site
Preservation Products Home Page ThumbnailMigrated customer from static web site to content managed solution; generated site structure and menu structure, added custom FAQ question and did extensive copy editing to make site more approachable by consumers.

In house. Drupal 7, MySQL, hosting.

Christini Learn more
Christini Home Page ThumbnailIncorporation of video into this project was a new challenge; Final design incorporates content managed articles, photo and video galleries.

Agency contract. Implemented using PHP and MySQL.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Living Beyond Breast Cancer home pageWe get the job done. Took over a behind-schedule project and delivered on time. Developed administrative functionality for LBBC's flagship web site, extending existing systems to allow publishing of transcripts, improved search functionality, and overhauled administrative system.

Agency contract. Implemented using ASP and Microsoft SQL Server.

Business Applications

TimeBanks USA Learn more View demo site
Community Weaver 3 Home PageWeb application. TimeBanks USA was struggling with 500+ Drupal 6 TimeBanks hosted on a legacy server with no redundancy and missing critical infrastructure components. We migrated them to Amazon Web Services, and rebuilt their flagship product Community Weaver 3 into a modern responsive web application, including database migration tools, management tools, and integration with existing CRM systems.

In house. Bootstrap 3, PHP, MySQL, Wordpress, Drupal 6 (legacy).

Velocity BioGroup, Inc. Learn more
Map2020 Software DashboardC-level decision-making dashboard. Velocity BioGroup saw the decision-making challanges for C-level executives at pharmaceutical companies and had a vision for a better approach using risk/benefit criteria integrated with real-world data. We took their existing Cold-Fusion based technology and rewrote it in PHP/MySQL, incorporated their design, and enabled the entire dashboard and system to be customized using modern web technologies. The product is used to evaluate any grouping of products which have risk/benefit criterion with an interface which allows executives to customize their preferred weighting of various criterion.

In house. Bootstrap 3, PHP, MySQL.

SAP Learn more
SAP Partner Catalog Home PageEnterprise-grade applications. SAP wanted to give clients, customers, and vendors access to their partner catalog hosted in SAP's "Master Data Management" (MDM) back-end technology. Market Acumen produced an elegant yet powerful interface to MDM using tree views, JavaScript, and DHTML.

Agency Contract. JSP, Windows 2003 Server, SAP Netweaver.

Market Ruler, LLC View site
ConversionRuler Home Page snapshotMeasure your Marketing. Specialized statistics business which runs over 5 million transactions daily on a fully-redundant 99.99% uptime server farm. Tracks organic and sourced leads of online traffic, integrates with geotargeting databases, reporting infrastructure, and a complete billing, invoicing, and commerce back-end for customer management.

In house. Implemented using PHP 5, MySQL, Amazon Web Services.

Need in Deed Learn more (in progress)
Need in Deed ScreenshotWeb 2.0 Power. Implemented an administrative system for Need in Deed to manage their service learning program and classroom teachers and volunteers from a centralized console. Built-in workflow, forum-style messaging, progress feedback, and reporting. Interactive features include animated information panes, information updates without leaving existing page, and more ...

Agency contract. Implemented using PHP, MySQL, and Web 2.0.